An Open Letter to Lufthansa, part 2

Firstly, as indicated in my initial contact and in follow-up correspondence, my name is Dr. Rumya Putcha, not Mrs. Putcha. I request that you address me on all formal matters, such as these, as Dr. Putcha.

Secondly, I am compelled to respond to your email, dated July 11, as it would appear that you and Lufthansa consider this matter and my complaint to be resolved. I must stress that this is absolutely not the case. My initial complaint remains unsatisfactorily addressed.

Allow me to clarify the main points of my complaint:
1. Lufthansa employee K. Worrins threatened me and acted in a physically aggressive manner towards me.
2. Lufthansa employee K. Worrins took my property from me without my consent and removed files from my device without my consent AFTER I had already complied with his demand to delete what he believed were videos that violated data protection/privacy. (please note, for accuracy, that I had requested and been granted permission from the passengers to record the incident).
3. I observed Lufthansa employee K. Worrins acting in a similarly aggressive and unprofessional manner towards other passengers of color.
4. As a result of Lufthansa employee K. Worrins’ behavior towards me, I have suffered significant emotional distress. I feel unsafe flying with you and I do not trust in Lufthansa’s ability to ensure my safety on board any of your flights.

Not only am I deeply disappointed in the quality and content of your response to my concern, but it has certainly not restored any confidence in Lufthansa. Thus, I demand this situation be escalated to your supervisor for immediate attention.

My expectations regarding a satisfactory resolution to this matter are:
1. Acknowledgement by Lufthansa that their employee, K. Worrins’ aggressive and menacing behavior towards me is unacceptable and that it does not meet with the conduct Lufthansa would expect of its employees towards passengers.
2. An apology from Lufthansa regarding the above-mentioned behavior of employee K. Worrins and for K. Worrins taking my personal property without my explicit consent.
3. For my return flight to be rebooked with an airline of my choosing that is NOT operated by Lufthansa.

I have cc-ed representatives of your PR team to alert them to the fact that I will be sharing your abysmal reply (with your name blurred out), which takes zero responsibility or accountability for what I experienced, widely across all social media platforms. I also include your PR team as a courtesy because I have been contacted by CNN International to comment on what I witnessed and experienced. I have, for now, decided not to go on camera in the hopes that this sub-par response to my complaint is not a reflection of Lufthansa’s customer care as a whole. I have also cc-ed a colleague who is advising me with this matter since I am traveling as an employee of Texas A&M University. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and expect to hear from you and your supervisors soon.

Dr. Rumya Putcha

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